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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Everything that Nolan presented and said in his Batmovies are what he said goes in his universe. Same goes for Burton/Schumacher. Same goes for yourself if you made a film. All or most versions have the same connecting themes or events Not just what the comics (because even they change,get retconned by other writers,artists and dc themselves) said, btas (thats someone elses take too), fans (their take) said,whatever etc if you said this and that can't happen then thats your problem or view.(that only makes it right for your version not someone elses otherwise they would of said what you said in their version) That's the truth. In the end some director might come along or already have and present the version you have in you head on screen. In the end you or I are going to be watching the films in our house viewing them with our opinions. It doesn't matter if millions of people don't agree or what stupid rotton tomatoes says or critics, (because everybodys a critic) as long as you love and enjoy it.

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