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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Yeah, I feel as if that wouldve kept the more emotional intensity at the end as opposed to the more "action" oriented one (If we're counting an 80 second fight between Bane and Batman as action). That's probably what I love most about TDK- the climax is really just 3 guys yelling at each other, but it's so emotional and heavy- probably the first time in a comic book movie that I felt just pure terror and dread for what I was seeing.

To be fair to Nolan, I dont know how anyone wouldve really finished Harvey if he was in TDKR (cant really do another Gordon/Batman/Two-Face fight without seeming like TDK Rehash). So I can see why Nolan might have said all that he wanted to say in TDK, but for the rest of the movie, I felt like it wouldve been stronger had he been brought back.

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