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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I don't know...why is IM3 going to gross $800m+ or Thor $600m+ or Cap $500m+? Avengers+Disney marketing and merchandise = deadly combo. Pixar films don't generally use a bunch of big name actors and directors to draw people and they still always come and their movies gross $500m+ consistently. Why is that? Because of everything I mentioned above. It's about the brand, which is a staple of consistent quality and family fun, and the Disney marketing and merchandise.

You just can't throw that away and claim just because Gunn is not a popular director and Pratt is a TV actor that the film won't perform. Hemsworth was completely unknown before Thor, and Evans was hardly a big name. And it doesn't matter if RDJ was a movie actor before hand, he had a bad rep. No one thought he would do well or attract a crowd with his name.

DOFP being the 7th movie is not necessarily a good thing, especially when 2 of those films are considered to be absolute trash. Either way, GotG is the 10th MCU movie, and people will know this. So that point is moot.
Pixar and MCU are totally different and its funny that you keep comparing those two. And yes Pratt being a tv actor isn't gonna help Guardians of the Galaxy be a smash hit like Iron Man. Hemsworth/Evans aren't as huge as Robert Downey Jr so I wasn't surprised that none of their solo films performed like the 1st Iron Man movie. Those movies had to rely on being a good movie and being part of MCU.

And despite X3/Origins being considered 'absolute trash' by internet critic Mr. Dent, those films made money and GOTG will be lucky to outgross those films. And FYI, I'm gonna say this again, but not all people hated x3/origins. Go to Rotten Tomatoes and those movies has a fresh score when it comes to user ratings. The general public didn't really hate those movies. Its just the people in the internet and fanboys.

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