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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
I beg to differ.

From how I read it, he disagrees with every single one of your points because you were not making any sense. Well except for Chris Evans' Gluteus Maximus (not spelled Gluteous Maximus if you are gonna try to sound smart then maybe google it first!), which quite frankly you'd be hard-pressed (wink, wink) to find anyone who'll disagree with you on that).

psylockolossus was making a very good point that Captain America with his success on his first outing, still needs the support of Widow and Fury (and SHIELD, and Falcon and Winter Soldier, etc) for his second solo film. Heck even one of the "champions" of Marvel on this thread pretty much said that CA:WS is akin to Avengers 2 with all the cameos. So why is that a supposed win for the good Captain but a stain on Wolverine's credibility? Your bias is simply showing.

Had The Wolverine not made any connection to the previous movies these same people would complain all the same. Damn if you do, damn if you don't...Simply because it's Hugh Jackman Fox One will never know
You, my highly favored Hype friend, are wrong. However, fortunately for you it's almost 1 AM here and I'm entirely too tired to explain to you why you're wrong. Or to even share with you the sheer value, gravity and beauty of Chris Evan's Gluteous Maximus--and the precious reasons those round mounds of pounds we call his Gluteous deserve a special "o" of its own! So consider yourself lucky and hereby saved from obliteration.

'Night. xoxo

"Give The Rights Back To Marvel" is officially now a thing.

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