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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 2

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
The movie may not have been a billion dollars successful, but it still would have generated good coin.
Would it have though? Of course comic bookers like us would of been ecstatic to see it no matter what but does that necessarily translate to the GA as well. Remember this was and still is a relatively new studio. Phase 1 did more than just set up origin stories for characters. It set up a track record of quality films. This, more than anything, is what can sell a movie. If some other studio who had a track record of putting out good films were to have put Avengers out then maybe it could have made a "good coin." But if Marvel Studios, an unknown studio with no track record, would have put out Avengers first I'm not so sure it would have even done TASM numbers truthfully.

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