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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

I also think having it be a sci-fi Wayne Enterprises device kept things more in the realm of escapism. As an American, I'd hate to think that it'd be so easy for a terrorist group to just smuggle a nuke over our borders unnoticed. The way it happened in the movie, while frightening, also had a degree of separation from reality. Perfect blend for the pseudo-comic book realism of the Nolan movies.

And Tequilla is right too, it's more of the LOS using Bruce's money against him which ties into the personal (and philosophical) vendetta they have with Bruce/the Wayne family.

I love Mosier, but his ideas for how TDKR should have transpired were hilariously bad haha. He seems to think all comic book movies should lose Act 1 (and most of 2) and just be one giant third act.

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