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Default Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

I am not bashing the series at all, I did enjoy them but ONLY after I started watching them more as james bond movies. I guess im just spoiled because i grew up with the tim burton and Schumacher movies (by that i mean Batman Forever only), and the 60's batman show. those all had that comic book feel and were more, well, batman-y and fun. however i don't consider the Nolan movies as bad films, but i find they work MUCH better as james bond films since the whole tone and feel of them, even the villians like bane and Ras, and female villians like talia, are all much more like stuff you'd seen in 007 style movies, minus the fun. the titles don't even have batman in the title. the look of the vehicles, the gadgets, NOTHING is batman styled like they used to be. all except the little batarang things and that's about it. the only parts of the movies i thought felt "batman" were the batcave scenes and certain parts like that. luscious is Q, talia is really no different then the typical bond femme fatale, and even catwoman isnt very , uh, "catty". isn't even in her costume half the time. TDKR had even less batman then the other 2. the batsignal didn't even make an appearance (working that is). same with the batmobile (or "tumbler", ugh). all the cop sh** was boring and tiresome, especially in TDKR. i found that if i just thought of the recent films as james bond in a cape, its easier to accept and enjoy. that reactor thing was something straight out of a bond plot. but i really cant look at these movies as real "batman" movies. they are way too different and nothing at ALL like the comic books hardly. defiantly elseworlds if anything, like "what if batman was in our world" kinda thing. but the implosive bomb in TDKR, car chases, are all bond type stuff. not expecting anyone to agree with me but that's just how I feel about it.

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