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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by theman View Post
ummm WHAT? Returns has aged faaaar better then B89. I love both films to death but Returns isnt as special effects heavy as the first film was. its more about the story and characters, and the only real special effects are done very well and still look convincing today. in B89 you had cool but somewhat dated stuff like the batwing swooping down and sadly you can see its invisible and was superimposed from far away. and the cartoon joker falling down, and cartoon Batman in the beginning. Returns has faired much better, even down to the shielding. the timeless noir quality is tuned up a lot more for Returns then B89 which had a lot of late 80's styles.

also to mention, the bats in Returns look way more convincing and real then the so obviously CGI bats in begins.
I have to agree with this. Although I love the effects in Batman '89, the effects and visuals in Returns are far more seamless.

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