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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

screw the comics that's not what im talking about. im talking about the style tone and "make" of the recent films. they are not styled at all like a comic book, and remind me more of how a bond movie tries to be realistic yet fantastical. this is what Nolan pulled off grandly but its not how a batman movie should be in my book. ive never seen any of the villians look the way they do, especially joker and such. too much was changed from the comic books. its like Nolan said hey I want to make a james bond movie but oh well ill just take batman and james bond-ify him so its not like a comic at all but more like an average action movie similar to bond. for me, a batman movie shouldn't be trying to copy the style of a bond movie but to be its own thing. now you cant tell the difference.

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