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Originally Posted by JJJ's Ulcer View Post
Yeah. They're true people of God. "Love thy neighbor" or that whole 'no killing' commandment are conveniently forgotten in their desire to string up gays and other people they don't care for. It's one thing to be against gay marriage, but to advocate the executions of homosexuals... I wonder if these hate-mongering, mouth-breathing sociopaths act the same in their normal life interactions as they do behind the anonymity of their keyboards.
According to Christian belief..."you will know them by their actions." So, if someone is NOT loving their "neighbor" then they are liars. People who use the title of Christian only to pursue their own selfish bigorty.

“The line between good and evil does not lie between “us” and “them,” between the West and the rest, between Left and Right, between rich and poor. That fateful line runs down the middle of each of us, every human society, every individual.”
N.T. Wright, Surprised by Scripture: Engaging Contemporary Issues
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