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Default Re: Iron Man 3 Press Tour Thread

As you may have heard, RDJ turned up! Awesome event, over 1500 attended. Some sneaky pics (not mine)

[photos removed due to request by Disney/MARVEL]

Everyone got given a cardboard mask to wear for the "1000 Iron Men" (a shot of the whole audience in masks) photo, RDJ posed with his 'legion' (us) in the background when he showed up as well - photos should be up tomorrow from press sources.

And at the end we got given a version of the IMAX poster with "You Saw This First" and a link to the Russian version of the armor reveal Facebook app.

(this time it's my pic)

Footage-wise, same as the other 20-min peeks shown around the world but with 3 new scenes that I may or may not post about in the news/speculation thread in a bit...

Overall, awesome night!

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