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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
Even Kane admits so. But it's not like he had nothing to do with Batman and only took the credit. He was key in creating Batman, along with Bill Finger and other people. If it weren't for Bob Kane, there would be no Batman.
Do you ever see anything other than 'Batman created by Bob Kane' anywhere? No, you don't. Unlike with someone like Stan Lee, who shares the creative credit of Spider-Man with Steve Ditko.

Read the links. The proof is all there. Why should anyone care what Kane says with such a dishonest background regarding Batman?

You're just using this old controversy to discredit Bob Kane and everything he says.
Says the guy who waltzes in here and calls a bunch of brilliant and popular Batman writers sycophants for no reason at all.

You're such a hypocrite. I didn't even bring up Bob Kane. YOU did.

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