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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
At the same time, I don't believe Tebow is abstinent.
I've followed his career since he was recruited to Florida. I don't know him personally nor do I care whether or not he's abstinent... but he is, I promise you.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
In addition, we are talking about a fictional character who has never expressed himself as abstinent and has had LOTS of girlfriends and conquests.
Yeah, he's a fictional character who was created to be the vision of human perfection and the ultimate do-gooder. And in the films, he's barely had ONE girlfriend.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Why should he be abstinent in these movies?
Why should he not? Do we really need to see Cap do his Tony Stark impression? Just leave it up to the audience's imagination.

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