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Default Re: '78-'87 Superman series vs. '89-'97 Batman series

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
Metaphor appears to be lost on you. What he says doesn't mean that they were flushed down the toilet. It means that he collects what is thrown away and either ends up in the sewer, or he has some other means of getting them.
No, he collected what Max threw away because Max was the one he was gunning for, nobody else.

Why would he be collecting every bit of trash the city throws away lol?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Again, they don't say at all that Bruce thows them out and even if they did, how does Penguin know to look for them and where? Does he just go through all the trash in Gotham on the off chance that he might get the Batmobile blueprints?
It sounds even more absurd when you say it like that lol.

As if Batman would just throw away his blueprints anyway.

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