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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Bruce's whole arc in TDK is practically through him being Batman, which gave Dent and even Gordon, more time to have an emotional arc. It worked brilliantly, of course.
That's essentially what I meant though. Nothing was really new in the development of Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight that we hadn't seen in Batman Begins. Bruce, at TDK's stage, is still trying to build up the symbol, something he started with in BB and so there was nothing new with that part of the development, so time was given to Dent mostly and then a little for Gordon who finally becomes Commissioner. TDKR finally returned back to Bruce Wayne as Nolan wanted to end his arc.

I don't know, I just feel Nolan's priorities were not in check for TDKR, at least when it comes to "the people". Teasing the whole 99% vs 1% in the first act made it even worse. It's been said before, but even BB Gotham felt a lot more alive, when it came to the common folk.
I felt the teasing, if you want to call it that, was just enough since Bane's plan was never to really have 99% vs the 1% when his entire place was to just have this false idea of a 99% vs 1% ideal. Bane got the poor and the criminals on his side, but it was all just a front from the beginning.

And debatable to say BB's Gotham felt more alive. I mean, TDKR spent some time on the side characters on their views, but focusing on the orphans more was a nice touch seeing as how Bruce was an orphan himself and this building structure in Nolan's trilogy of how children always saw the best of Batman.

Throw stones, but I'd rather Bruce die at the end, with no "Robin" John Blake character "rising", if it meant we'd get more of a Gotham voice, beyond the orphans.

Lol, Blake is definitely a touchy subject if you didn't like him, but I certainly did. I love the idea that Blake is going to take up the mantle, and either train and become just like Bruce's version, or become a more detective-y Batman.

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