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Default Re: Discussion: Legalizing Marijuana II

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
I do have to agree with his thought though on the use of marijuana and then getting in a car, depending on how much you have smoked, etc. The drunk driving laws, I don't necessarily see them as a joke, most judges I know are extremely tough on drunk drivers who have killed someone. Where they are ridiculously stupid is when the person gets a DWI over and over again and gets off with little more than a fine. Those need to be toughened.

IMO, you need to be as tough with marijuana. That is why I would rather decriminalize it first, and move slowly towards legalizing. Colorado and Washington have already run into problems because they legalized it before they had answered all of the questions of how much is too much to drive, etc....and Colorado looks like they are going to go with a ridiculously small amount in the system before you are ticketed with driving...and so they have simply switched from putting people in jail for small amounts of marijuana on them to putting people in jail for small amounts of marijuana IN them....

Decriminalize first, research heavily on the influence on driving, and go from legalization with those questions answered.

If it becomes fully legalized, I think it should still be illegal to drive stoned, and you should face criminal charges. You are technically driving under the influence. I can drive fine high, but there is a limmit. If I have to drive, I won't take more than a few puffs of anything. There are plenty of times when I'll be home, or at someone's house, and I'll think, "there is no way in hell I can drive right now"

some people smoke to get THAT high ALL the time. THAT's why it shouldn't be legal to drive high, even if it's fully legalized. But people will

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