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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
lol, I could never see Blake pulling off the sonar stuff from TDK.

Well realistically, the sonar stuff will never be used again since it was destroyed by Lucius

I just feel that Blake's Batman will be more detective-y unless he finds out that Lucius helped out Batman(although, by the film's end, you'd think Wayne Enterprises could go out of business), because Batman's super computer is in the Batcave and Blake's arc in TDKR led him to become a detective for a while. The ending to TDKR is definitely left to the imagination for sure. I mean...

will the League of Shadows ever return with a brand new leader to destroy Gotham?

will Gordon ever turn on the bat signal when Gotham City is led to believe Batman is dead? How will that effect Blake's version?

will Wayne Enterprises go bankrupt because of how their clean energy project turned into a bomb and one of their defense projects was used by Batman during his death?

will Selina's friend Jen become a villain now that she embraced the "storm"?

will Joker and Blake run into eachother?

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