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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
That's it! That's what peeved me about The First Avenger. I felt like the MCU set a bar for Cap to be so impressive physically and he turned out to be not much to look at in his own film, and little more than heart-power with a super-shield in the Avengers. I was very disappointed, and I think that real shortcoming, where no one really knows why we follow cap, and the answer is some quick hands against some mooks... that's really sad, and one of the biggest failings of the MCU, imho. It's just made so much worse by the fact that they had it right with Blonsky and then just... forgot? Not sure. Boo, anyway.

Maybe they can redeem him in Cap 2. Cap should be Blonsky-acrobatic, functional without his shield, Bourne-dirty nice with his hands, Die Hard tough when slammed by superior opponents and use his environment to his advantage like Spider-Man to catch enemies far off guard. Make us respect the man's physical capabilities. Long overdue.

Nah, Avengers and Captain America made it clear why the heroes follow Cap. His leadership abilities have been presented in a great way. It's just his moves need to be more "super-soldier-y" than they have been so far.

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