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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Which was nothing compared to what Bill Finger achieved but the credit for that was stolen by Kane.

So when you bring up Kane's opinion, how shall I put this, why should anyone care what a glory hogging liar thinks?
Now who is poisoning the well?

Keep telling yourself that.
I will.

So anyone who loves Nolan's movies, their opinions should be disregarded just because you say so?
I never said that.

That some of the best talent in the Batman field loved Nolan's Batman movies. So his method of doing a comic book movie can't be as "wrong" as the OP was claiming.
"Best talent" according to you.. but you only like the Batman that fits with your favourite interpretations.

I'd love to hear what Alan Moore thinks, since he is usually much more honest in his opinions, especially of people trying to adapt his work.

No, calling people like Bruce Timm and Co. sycophants, and dismissing everyone's pro Nolan opinion is a fallacious method of debate. Making up false personal statements on behalf of actors and directors is a fallacious method of debate.
Opinions are opinions, not facts. Claiming they are sycophants is just the same as claiming that just because certain people agree on an opinion, that somehow makes it more valid or true.

And I never make anything up..

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
There are two kinds of arguments based on authority - the fallacious kind and the non-fallacious kind. Joker used the latter. Before you throw logic terms around you should read up on the nuances of that area of argumentation.

Joker didn't make an appeal to an inappropriate authority, nor did he make an unconditional appeal to authority, both of which would be fallacious. Rather, he simply stated that comic book authorities would disagree with the OP about Nolan's films.

You did, however, commit a fallacy - poisoning the well - when you suggested blindly that all the comic book authorities mentioned were sycophantic and lying through their teeth. THATS a logical fallacy.
And why would he state that? Because he is trying to argue that the OP is wrong by appealing to authority. At the end of the day, they are stated opinions, not facts. I could be the most acclaimed comic book writer in history, doesn't mean that everything I say is true.

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