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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
Opinions are opinions, not facts. Claiming they are sycophants is just the same as claiming that just because certain people agree on an opinion, that somehow makes it more valid or true.
There are true and false opinions. I may be of the opinion that the moon is made of cheese, but the fact that it is my opinion doesn't make it any more true or logically unassailable. There can be good and bad opinions. People change their opinions about things all the time. It is because people can be persuaded that their standards and tastes are bad, believe it or not.

Furthermore, you aren't an expert on sycophants. The people Joker cited are experts. People trust experts on a related subject more than non-experts for a reason. We trust scientists for a reason. Why? Because we can't study everything in the universe on our own. We trust that what experts say is probably true because we have to make decisions based on measured probabilities, and trustworthy (i.e. credible) experts who have lots of experience in their respective field are more likely to be right about something than non-experts. Doesn't make them infallible, but doesn't make arguments based on authority wrong either.

So no, the two arguments are not "just the same." Try again.

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