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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
You're confusing plausibility with conditionality. No one said the comic book authors were infallible. That would be a ridiculous position to take, and it clearly isn't one that the Joker holds. However, is their opinion worth nothing? If someone says the films aren't faithful to the comics, and a whole cadre of comic book authors and illustrators say otherwise, whose position suddenly seems more plausible?

This really isn't difficult stuff to grasp. People rely on experts all the time to make decisions based on measured probability. That's what experts are for. People trust experts, not blindly (I hope), but by giving what they say some measure of weight. To assert that those experts are errorless gods would be a fallacy, but that isn't remotely what's happening here.

So no, it isn't the sort of logical fallacy that you think it is. Try again.
Any claim requires evidence, even from so-called professionals or experts. But they aren't really making any claims, just stating their opinions. It's the same thing as asking any man on the street. If I have evidence, I can disprove the claim of anyone. But opinions are just that, opinions..

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