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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

You see I like Chestnut and all but I'm not really seeing him as BP at all. I hope he's telling the truth about BP showing up in TA2 though because that would be awesome.

In an ideal situation I would prefer them to get T'Challa down right, if he needs to be unknown then fine but I just want him to be a right fit. So far Marvel has done a great job with bringing its heroes to life and choosing great actors soooo I'm not too worried about this. As some others have suggested they can easily do a "Thor" and cast a relatively unknown in the role and have higher profile actors in supporting roles. I mean someone like Denzel could easily play T'Chaka or someone on the counsel.

Oh and that list was WEAK, how can Miles Morales be number one?? I mean the character is like 2 weeks old. There is no reason why Panther wasn't on there and no Static?? Come on son!!!

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