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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

I respect her list, actually. A lot more "indie" than mine would be, but as far as developed characters, it's pretty frakking solid. There's really not much bad to say about Miles Morales other than: "he hasn't been multiple levels of awesome long enough." Which isn't really a complaint, so much as an arbitrary standard. And she's very right, Cage took BP's spot, in more ways than one, honestly. And as much as I love BP, I can't say that I love him because he's an interesting deep character. It's almost always been because I really like the concept that a character with his attributes and abilities exists. Still, Spawn, Agent 355 and Michonne would not have made my list at all, and instead I'd have more mainstream heroes because I'm drawn to ideas more than necessarily emotional relatability.

And comparing Chestnut to Ledger or RDJ is ridiculous. He's not a crazy inspired moment... he's a decent, if somewhat mismatched, choice like Chris Evans or Ed Norton.

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