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Default Re: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ... News Thread

Juno Temple has talked about her experience filming Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

“That was fun! I was shocked by that. And working with someone like Robert Rodriguez, he’s such a liberated director. He’s in this room, which is all green screen, and it’s just extraordinary being in there because this whole world is coming to life.

And I got to do all my stuff with Ray Liotta, who is a guy that I’ve been watching since I was 14, in some of the best movies, ever. He was just so brilliant. I only got to shoot that for like 17 hours, but I just had a ball. Oh, yeah! I auditioned for it three months before I found out, so when I got the call, my jaw dropped. I was at the pub with my boyfriend and his friends, and literally got the phone call, stepped outside and was like, 'Woah!' And I had to get on a plane the next day.

It was crazy! That’s what’s so amazing about this whole world. You are an artist and you believe what you believe, and then you meet all these other people that are artists and your worlds clash together and it becomes this crazy painting. It’s so great!

I love this business. Sometimes it’s bloody lonely and sometimes it’s really grueling, and you just want to be able to sleep, but you have to get up at 5 am the next day, but I’ve never felt more rewarded by anything, other than family stuff, like being proud of my parents and my brothers, who are just the most extraordinary people on the planet. But, there are so many things about this industry that I really genuinely love.”

Juno Temple also said, "That's the great thing about the Sin City movies, each little slot is incredibly meaningful, and each character has their own moment. That was such an exciting thing to be a part of, because each story is almost like it's own little story within itself. Also, to get to work with Robert Rodriguez was bad-ass, man. He's got this whole world he's [Frank Miller's] created down there. He makes it happen so quickly, and there's so much green screen involved. He has this complete vision of everything that's going on. It was mesmerizing working with him. It's so cool, getting to work with these different directors, and seeing these wonderful universes that they create. It's so cool to be a part of all these different things." Juno Temple also confirmed that all of her scenes are with Ray Liotta. "Yeah, yeah. It was all with Ray." Juno Temple also confirmed that she is Sally, the mistress of Joey [Ray Liotta], both are new characters.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt said, "It's interesting. They wanted to have a movie where fans of the books would still be able to look forward to something new and unexpected, so they added a story. I remember being really intrigued by that and I was really looking forward to, ‘Oh that will be so interesting to have the actual comics to refer to as an actor' but no I didn't. I had a ball doing that, I loved doing that. I mean, Robert Rodriguez is a guy whose movies I've liked for a long time and he has creativity pouring out of him. I saw Bruce [Willis] and Mickey [Rourke] and I have a scene together, and Jessica [Alba]. I was so stoked."

Ray Liotta said, "I did something in Sin City, the sequel to that (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For). I play a guy who’s cheating on his wife with somebody."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt said, “Lady Gaga is in a scene in it, and I gotta say she did a really good job, like she’s a great actress. And I didn’t know that! You know she came in and I was like ‘OK sure, they’re having a huge pop star do a scene in the movie, I understand.’ But then she came in and like, nailed it! She had her character down, and she was like a total pro, and did a great job, I was really impressed.”

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