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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
Now who is poisoning the well?
Not me. I'm just reporting these facts. I didn't start them.

I never said that.
Then stop going on about how these opinions are meaningless because they're either sycophants or just hopping on some popularity bandwagon.

Your pathetic attempts to degrade these pro Nolan opinions is laughable.

"Best talent" according to you.. but you only like the Batman that fits with your favourite interpretations.
No, best talent according to millions of Batman fans. Not just me. Or are you insane enough to try and argue these guys are not beloved by millions of Batman fans?

I'd love to hear what Alan Moore thinks, since he is usually much more honest in his opinions, especially of people trying to adapt his work.
Well if he ever says anything you'll be the first to know

Opinions are opinions, not facts. Claiming they are sycophants is just the same as claiming that just because certain people agree on an opinion, that somehow makes it more valid or true.
Wrong. You have NO basis for calling them sycophants. People who form an opinion usually base it on something factual. You just decided to call these guys suck ups for no reason.

I think it just gets under your skin that they love Nolan's movies and so you attempt to degrade them as people.

And I never make anything up..

I've lost track of the number of times I've proven you wrong on things like that. From things like claiming Heath Ledger saying he was struggling to not act like Jack Nicholson, to trying to say why Nolan chose Bane.

The thing of it is that it's always too easy to prove you're wrong on these things. The proof is always readily available all across the Net from these people's own mouths.

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