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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

Why would I watch a Batman movie as a James Bond movie? There are only two things "Bondish" about it,

- Fox supplying gadgets to Bruce (they're exchanges are just like Q and Bond)

- Bane could be some weird, cliched, Bond villain (herro mistah Bond, let's not stand ohn cerehmonheh here)

That's pretty much it.

The gadgets? Most of those gadgets in the Nolan films are the SAME stuff Batman had in the Burton ones. The grapple gun? Smoke pellets? Remote for the bats? None of those things the Keaton Batman had were "batted out" (I'm assuming the OP loves the Burton version). They looked like practical, functional gadgetry and weaponry. Why should any of his weapons other than the batarang look "batty".

Unless the OP likes those huge, clunky Schumacher gadgets that are all decorated with bat logos and were silver and shiny. I don't see how that's "Batman".

As for Bob Kane, I mean no disrespect, but I bet if he were still around today he'd be calling the Nolan/Bale Batman the "best one" just like he did with Schumacher.

I think he was just enamored with the idea of something "he created" being popular and famous. He enjoyed being in the spotlight obviously.

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