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Default An idea for Whiplash II...

Mark Scarlotti is a career criminal and gifted electrical technician who often pairs up with friend and partner-in-crime, Rusty. Though Rusty believes he and Mark are truly friends, Mark actually just uses the gullible and naive Rusty for his expertise in computer hacking and infiltration, which enables the two to rob high-security banks and institutions.

Mark has stepped on a lot of toes in pulling off these large jobs, however. Some of those toes are big. Mafia big. The Maggia crime family want him dead, but want it done discreetly and without getting their hands dirty. The Maggia blackmails Rusty into purposefully blowing one of he and Mark's jobs by threatening to kill a girl Rusty believes to be his girlfriend, but is truly hardly even an acquaintance.

Rusty apprehensively sabotages the job in order to get Mark caught and thrown in jail so that the incarcerated "little toes" he has stepped on will take care of him for the Maggia.

Mark, knowing Rusty betrayed him, breaks out of jail before anyone has a chance to try and take his life...but not before seeing a news broadcast about the incarceration of Justin Hammer and the liquidation of Hammer Industries. Mark has an idea.

Rusty is terrified to hear that Mark is on the loose and is soon even more horrified to see that he has broken into his apartment and is standing in front of him. Mark, however, has no intention of killing Rusty yet. He explains that all is forgiven and he wants to pull off another job with Rusty.

Arriving at a Hammer Industries warehouse, Rusty breaks into the security system and the two enter the large building to find hundreds of large, high-tech storage crates. Rusty begins opening them one-by-one as Mark examines the contents. He is elated to find all manner of high-tech weaponry and is about to use some to slaughter Rusty when he hears his partner exclaim "my god!".

Curious, Mark moves over to the crate that Rusty has opened only to find a proto-type Whiplash suit much like the one Vanko wore at the Monaco racetrack, but more heavily armored. Mark tinkers with it for a moment only to find that it is fully operational. He gleefully dons the suit and cuts off an end of one of the still-locked containers, spilling weapons onto the floor.

Laughing, Rusty muses "I guess you don't need me to break into stuff anymore!"

"Guess not" says Mark, quite he cuts Rusty in half.

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