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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
Warfare has changed, though. In his time, they didn't have stuff like close-air support, so it stands to reason that someone would have doubts about him being the best man for the job.

Not that Steve isn't, but its a valid, justified concern. And it fits thematically, as Steve has doubts about the modern world, and having someone on the team also having the opinion that he might not be the man for the job would have emphasized that.

But no, they're all believe in him, despite being a standoffish bunch. The damn Hulk listens to him. As does Thor, and what does Thor know about Captain America, or WWII, for that matter.

It makes it all look like the question "what place does Cap have in the world" is all in Steve's head.
I think the movie explained why they followed Caps lead at the end. Cap was the only one throughout the film that was thinking war strategy and the only one who attempted to point out and question why Loki let himself be captured so easily. Cap ended up being right on all of that, he was steps ahead of everyone else on military strategy of Loki, even Thor would respect that.

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