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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
Warfare has changed, though. In his time, they didn't have stuff like close-air support, so it stands to reason that someone would have doubts about him being the best man for the job.

Not that Steve isn't, but its a valid, justified concern. And it fits thematically, as Steve has doubts about the modern world, and having someone on the team also having the opinion that he might not be the man for the job would have emphasized that.

But no, they're all believe in him, despite being a standoffish bunch. The damn Hulk listens to him. As does Thor, and what does Thor know about Captain America, or WWII, for that matter.

It makes it all look like the question "what place does Cap have in the world" is all in Steve's head.

That's still not a valid concern, man. War is still war, no matter when it takes place. Steve was the best man for the job when it came to handling war. The team knew that because Steve had won many battles before, as well as aiding America in winning the great World War. It's really that simple. Thor might have known about Cap from being informed by SHIELD, we don't know for sure because we were never outright shown it. Thor recognizes that Cap is a great warrior like himself and a leader of his people. He respected that and let Cap do his thing, as did the rest of the team.

And yeah, that's the thing. Cap does have a place in the world. It is all in Steve's head. He's the one that feels like he doesn't belong. Even though he questioned if he was the man for the job, the point of that was to show that he stepped up to lead when he was needed, regardless of doubting himself. That's just who he is.

Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
they still study battle tactics from WWII battles at Westpoint to this day. Technology has changed but warfare has not,...not that much


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