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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

I loved TFA and Cap's role in Avengers, but I can agree with this argument

I went to see Cap with my brother, and he was unimpressed when we left the theater.
I asked him why and he said "because there were no big, oh s**t moments. Thor had a quick final battle, but it looked cool!"
The biggest moment in TFA was him jumping over the fiery pit, or maybe the aerial battle (but even a hydra goon managed to hold on for a bit)
Even the final battle was just him and skull sluggin' it out

I'd love to see a moment like from Civil War, where he takes out a room full of shield agents, then jumps out of the helicarrier onto a jet, slamming his shield into the cockpit
but I guess they kinda had Hulk do that in Avengers, might be too similar...


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