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Default Re: Discussion: Legalizing Marijuana II

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
You have no idea what cannabis does to the brain.

There are hundreds of unique cannabis strains and they all effect people differently.

Sometimes a person will be stimulated creatively or spiritually, gain insight or self-awareness, meditate easier, or simply move outside their rigid perspective.

Sometimes it will just make sex, food, sports, tv, music, movies, nature, hiking, games, etc ten times more enjoyable.

That doesn't include the mental illness it can help like anxiety, PTSD. depression, insomnia and even psychosis.

You shouldn't dismiss a drug (at least publicly) or anything in general you haven't researched adequately

LOL--good call.

I'm in the mental health field, and we are given new information on both prescription and recreational drugs on a constant basis. I've had access to dozens of studies and been a part of numerous MI cases where the patient was a marijuana user. So I've seen the data and the first-hand evidence.

Moreover, I've seen every single disorder/medical problem you mentioned exacerbated by marijuana and I've seen some of the synthetic versions make people suicidal. MI and recreational drug use don't mix.

It's naive to think that there aren't people who have done just as much research as you but come to different conclusions. I also think you are misunderstanding my position. I don't feel that pot should be illegal indefinitely, but I do feel that drug-related offenses aren't properly discouraged/punished. The law needs overhauling in that aspect before another legal drug is added to society.

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