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Default Re: In Heath We Trust: A Ledgerbration: The TDK Joker Appreciation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by BatmanGoesToRio View Post
Heath was such a talented actor.

But I remember when I first heard that they casted him as Joker - I was WTF? Not because of his acting skills but because he didn't look like the Joker from the comics. So I never thought of Heath before (I was on the Crispin Glover road, like many of us). But, yes, Nolan knew absolutely what he was doing.

I am not a Nolanite but his castings mostly are perfect. And Heath as Joker was the best choice he ever made.
Which is funny, because people are freaking out about Matthew McConnaghey being in Interstellar. It's like, "Damn, when are we going to trust this Nolan guy?"

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