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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

Is Bane really the anti-Batman in TDKR? If so what makes him the anti-Batman? Did Nolans/Goyer give Batman & Bane more incommon with eachother that the comics? Is it as simple as Bane can't take off his mask and move past his pain but Bruce/Batman can and is that another reason why the film-makers made it so Bane couldnt take off the mask? Or reasons why he made them both train by Ra's? Bruce survived 8yrs without Batman but Bane could'nt without his mask? Lindy hemming said something like Bane wears armour because he damaged his back but Bruce also gets his back damaged and is able to recover (maybe nolan didnt want that said in the film cause it might be too on the nose?) I think it was good that they didn't make Bane afraid of bats thats why he goes for Batman, I like the LOS reasons better!

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