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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

Originally Posted by batfreakforever View Post
Really cool post. Could you think of a good meaphor/reason why the Nolans/Goyer just blew Bane away? I know some fans were pissed but there has to be another reason apart from catwoman guns policy and Batman no kill rules?
Thank you.

Honestly, I saw that more as time constraints. Bane was already beaten, it was just a matter of making sure he didn't get up for the climax.

EDIT: And as BatLobsterRises says, it's a bit of poetic justice.

Originally Posted by batfreakforever View Post
Plus why do you think Bruce couldn't stay living as Bruce wayne but now he lives under another name because of the clean slate device, is it beacause he wants to really start from scratch or a CLEAN SLATE not as a WAYNE but his own life?
The way I saw it, he had finally learned to live and move on (cleaning his slate) and wanted to live without people hounding him as Bruce Wayne. He's finally ready to live life on his own terms rather than anyone else's.

Originally Posted by batfreakforever View Post
plus Bane is just Bane he cant be anybody else but Bruce can?
Bane definitely could have become someone better, however, he never let go of his pain and escaped that mental barrier (symbolized by The Pit/The well). That's the difference between Bruce and Bane. Bruce learns to move on and end his self destructive existence that collapsed by the beginning of TDKR while Bane allows his pain to control him. Bruce escapes the Pit to conquer his pain, Bane wears a mask to escape confronting his pain.

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