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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

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"Yes, my first exposure to Batman as a character was Batman the TV series. But honestly, I didnít know it was supposed to be a parody or campy. I thought it was the coolest thing Iíd ever seen. Of course, I was 5 at the time. But all in one fell swoop, I became an instant super hero fan. Later on, as I got older and started reading more comics and getting into the super hero scene, I realized that the Batman show was kind of a comedy. I was reading Neal Adams comics and thinking, ďBatman is kind of cooler than that show Ė heís kind of scary and mysterious.Ē So my perception of Batman changed over time, and then I went through the periods with Frank Miller and the Tim Burton movies. So now Iíve got these warring Batmans in my head. I still love the Adam West/Batman show. I still love the Neal Adams take on Batman comics. I still love The Dark Knight. All of these things totally contradict each other, and yet itís fine to me. Iíve said it over and over again Ė Batman as a character is such a strong concept, heís the kind of character that you can take him in any number of ways and it still feels right. Batman: The Animated Series is a really good version of Batman. Batman: The Brave and the Bold Ė thatís a really good version of Batman. They have equal value."

- Bruce Timm

This is the only item of value is this entire thread.

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Also? Hilarious this, hilarious that, I win and you lose.
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