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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I watched Returns with Burton's commentary the other day. A few thoughts upon revisiting it:

-Gotham really does have a claustrophobic feel to it, it seemed more glaring to me this time for some reason.
-I enjoy Bruce's character more in Returns than in 89, particularly the scene where he meets with Shrek. Getting to see his business side and him doing "Batman work" as Bruce Wayne was a nice touch.
-The Batcave in Returns is my probably my favorite on-screen Batcave. The blue tint to it really gives it that classic feel.
-Pfeiffer's performance really is that damn good.
-Devito is still creepy as f***. A truly appalling creature.
-The scene where Bruce and Selina both try to come up with excuses for Alfred to relay to one another is hilarious and charming.
-Gordon being a complete non-character in this movie is rather unfortunate.
-On the other hand, Walken's Shrek was a great original character who really enhances the movie for me. Every movie needs more Walken.
-The dialogue is very snappy, but Waters got a little too comfortable with the puns.
-Elfman's score is extremely haunting and tragic, but a lot his action cues are even more cartoony this time around. That mix perfectly reflects the film, to be fair.
-The plot isn't so tight, but it doesn't bother me much because I watch this movie for the audio/visual experience, the expressionism/symbolism and great performances. All of that stuff tells the story more than the plot itself does.
- I still can't believe Pfeiffer put a bird in her mouth and held it in there for that long. I would like...never, ever do that, ever. lol
- "Shut up, you're going to jail", "Wrong on both counts." Great classic Batman lines.
- The raccoon makeup magically disappearing when Bruce unmasks still takes me out of the movie. Complete and utter nitpick, but there it is. Beautiful human moment amidst the chaos though. It's cool that we got to see Keaton's face exposed while wearing the suit at least once.
-The ending is still bittersweet for me, as it's essentially a cliffhanger that never gets any payoff. It's all "what if", but man I can't help but what wonder what Burton's third film may have looked like.
Other than I enjoyed Bruce's character more in '89 (for the most part), I wholeheartedly agree with all of this


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