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Default Re: Early box-office predictions

my personal ranking out of those from just the context of the movie itself:

Hulk (best Hulk yet, plus great scenes)
Thor (My favorite phase 1 movie, pretty solid showing of power)
Loki (Great and sinister villian)
IM (Good scenes and banter with the other's in the film)
Hawkeye (Not a fan of him during the brainwash, but badass character and loved the arrow action scenes)
Cap (loved him taking the reins and leading, need more fighting/athletic scenes)
Coulson (It's Phil, what's not to like?)
Widow (fun to look at, didn't do anything special)
Fury (Cool character, needs to shoot more bazookas )
Hill (not the best performance, would have like to see more of her, liked her cut opening scene personally.)

*I hate putting Cap that low, but I really loved Hawkeye, want to see more of him this Phase

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