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Default Re: Arkham Origins Announced

I am extremely excited for these new developments, but let's be clear: Rocksteady is no longer aboard, and those are HUGE shoes to fill. The biggest things I'm looking forward to the most are the side origin missions, which I hope lean more towards the the traditional origins of our favorite baddies; the story itself is interesting enough; and the bigger maps by far. The idea of bringing in Old Gotham makes me extremely happy.

Batman, by the looks of it, looks AWESOME!!! But I'm with everyone else: if this version is BEFORE Asylum/City, why the hell does he look so high tech? It's like it would be suffering the out of date technologies that I find similar to the Star Wars prequel franchise. NOW, if the pictures we're getting take place AFTER Arkham City, and the Origins fall into play in flashbacks... then I'll be impressed.

I doubt that's how it will be, but it would be nice enough. I'd usually hop the gun and get this thing on Pre-Order, but I'm not going to risk such a big money investment into a game that would easily ruin the whole game franchise. And trust me, games have done that before.

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