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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - - Part 11

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
Zod looks like he's giving birth.
Almost, were it not for the slight hint of glee in his expression.

Loving these pics. Zod and Faora look awesome. Crowe appears incredibly majestic as Jor-El. And even though we haven't seen much of her actual performance yet, I have this feeling that when all is said and done, Amy Adams will be viewed as the definitive cinematic Lois Lane.

A couple of the pics - Jonathan fixing the truck alongside Martha, Superman with the U.S. flag in the background - just scream pure Americana. Snyder's always had a great flair for visuals, with a meticulous attention to detail, and everything I've seen so far from MOS reinforces that.

Casting Fishburne as Perry White was a brilliant move. The key problem, as I see it, is that although the character was the template for the gruff and irritable cigar-chomping news editor, J. Jonah Jameson kind of took that torch and ran with it by turning all those character traits up to 11.

After you've seen J.K. Simmmons as Jameson in the Spider-Man movies, a similar character can't help but look like a watered-down imitation (even though Perry was created first). I have a feeling that Fishburne will offer us a new spin on the character. It'll at least be a step up from Frank Langella's inexplicably soft-spoken performance.

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