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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - - Part 11

Originally Posted by combocaz View Post

Antje Traue damn shes fine, i hope she lives and becomes some sort of love interest for supes. Henry looking really good with more of his superman pics leaking out.
Trying not to resurrect old arguments, but I recall that some of the more frequent discussion topics on the MOS boards, particularly during long lulls between news, was a lot of agonizing over Superman's hair and the costume colours being too dull/dark.

Personally, I think these photos are a great argument to the contrary. His hair looks a lot better and the costume features bright, bold primary colours. My prediction is that the most common subject for complaints will now revert to the "scaly" texture of the suit - and of course, the ever-controversial lack of trunks. (I have no problem with either.)

Criticism about Zod's suit being obviously CGI'd is fanboy nitpicking, IMO. I didn't really notice anything looking at the photo, and even looking at it now I'd be hard-pressed to tell you if that was a real physical costume or not.

My immediate reaction was more along the lines of "holy **** that looks awesome."

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