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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

I agree with the popular opinion here that while they still were excellent, Cap's two prior films didn't quite nail his athleticism and were missing the jaw-dropping WTF?! moments that were much better depicted in that video game trailer.
I think Johnston captured the needed WWII tone in the first half of TFA, but his reluctance to make Cap appear as "super-powered" hindered the action sequences in the latter half. I know that technically he isn't super-powered, but that doesn't mean he can't be extremely impressive in the fights. Numerous action films have nailed it in the past without having the character being super-powered, why not America's one and only super-soldier? (I like the idea of the Bourne films as examples.) Leterrier had the right idea with Blonski in TIH, I hope that the Russo brothers will watch that film and follow suit.
As always, I have high expectations for my favorite Marvel character that so far haven't quite been met, but I can't let go of the dream.
I just hope that this directing team while unproven in this genre can still hit it out of the park their first time up to bat.
I don't want Cap to become a second tier character in the public's eyes...he deserves so much more.

It's a damn good time to be a comicbook fan!

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