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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - - Part 11

Originally Posted by matthancock View Post
Just a thought...not even really speculation, more of a question of what you guys think...

Do you thinkin it's possible...just possible...that Zod and company HAVE to wear their armor? The reason I wondered about that is simply from the fact that they are using it. I suppose a big WHAT IF would be this...What if Kal-el's physiology is what it currently is because of living basically his entire life under the yellow sun and absorbing that radiation, like a perpetual battery.

If that's the way it works in this movie (realism attempt) then maybe Zod and Faora and others have to rely on their armor because they aren't as "charged up" as Superman. Maybe that's why it takes more than one person to take him down. They are also trained in fighting and Superman isn't...but as the movie progresses, perhaps they get stronger and stronger as a result of absorption of yellow sun and the use of their new, developing powers coupled with the armor and tech makes them nearly unbeatable.

OK so it is speculation, but I think it could be a good way of explaining why Superman has to also use some armor/tech from the Fortress to defeat them (if he actually ends up having the armor that the toys show). father believed that if people read what I just wrote, they'd reject me
...what do you think?
Yeah most definitely, either that or they wear the masks and things cause they don't wanna breath in our pollluted air.

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