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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

I could see them bringing in Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel because of the expanding cosmic/alien story stuff.
I could see them making Luke Cage part of the ongoing Super Soldier experiments by SHIELD/AIM/Hydra and others.
They MUST bring Ant Man and Wasp into the Avengers soon. I could see them making Wonder Man (created by Zemo/Hydra) part of the Super Soldier experiments.
I can see Pym creating Ultron who then creates the Vision who then becomes an Avenger.
I could see Hercules being another demi god like Thor coming from another world in the Tree of Life concept, maybe even replacing the Thor spot when Hemmsworth leaves.
I can see She-Hulk being brought in to replace Hulk at some point since the audiance loves the Hulk and his concept.
I can see Mockingbird being brought in as another assassin/spy SHIELD character like Hawkeye and Black Widow.
I can see Bucky/Winter Soldier replacing Steve Rogers as Captain America once Evans leaves.
I can see Spider-Woman (possibly with a name change) being brought in as another SHIELD spy/assassin type.

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