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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Bane was definitely the villain that needed to be used, especially if Nolan had wanted Bruce Wayne to move on. A villain that can break you and give you time in a Pit to re-evaluate your life is a perfect combination. I just wonder how Nolan expected Bruce to move on with the original idea of Dent being Two-Face in the third installment, as Two-Face doesn't seem like a threat that would help Bruce in moving on from Gotham. And while a sometimes unpopular vote, the League of Shadows being used again was a great choice as well with going back to Batman Begins(and using Ra's again as well as a nod like Crane once again acting as a pawn to the LoS).

Everything just needed more time I believe. While I'm perfectly content with what the film delivers, I can't help but wonder what still could have been if given more time. A more longer look of Bane's five month siege, more Selina Kyle, more Bane, more Talia.

And even with Talia, I'm fine that she's used, although once Bane dies, it's over with him and people start to assume he was nothing but a henchman, which, I never saw that. Theatricality(Bane) and Deception(Talia) are powerful agents to the League of Shadows. THAT'S how I see it. Talia couldn't complete this plan without Bane and vice versa. It even shows when Talia tries her best to leave the country with Bruce after they slept together but Bruce didn't want to. Bane had to be the second choice to forcefully get Bruce out of the country and in the Pit. I just wish we had something extra like a police officer walking out of City Hall with Bane's broken mask at the very end to just signify that he was a threat and not just an obstacle.

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