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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by cloverfan98 View Post
The problem with Blake is that unlike Bruce Blake didn't need Batman. When you see Bruce in BB he is a broken shell of a man. Angry, bitter, and an almost murder. Batman redeemed Bruce and Bruce was able to find something worth living for in the icon of Batman, and in turn that icon rescued Bruce from death itself. Blake didn't have that. When we first meet him he has everything together, He lost his parents but he wasn't the empty shell that Bruce was. Blake didn't do anything to earn or NEED the role of Batman. He literal exisisted to just so they could hand off the bat suit to him. He's a lame character IMO and an example of awful writing.
Blake is disillusioned, abandoning everything he believed by the end of TDKR. A man "looking for a path". Just like Bruce was at the beginning of BB.

They took very different paths to get there, but that's the whole point. Blake is not Bruce Wayne 2.0. He represents the next step of evolution for the symbol of Batman.

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