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Default Re: The X-men UNIFORM evolution on the sequel

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I only want to see the colorful costumes of the X-Men in the reboot.

The original trilogy already established the look of the X-Men, I don't want to see them wearing uniforms with flashy colors in DOFP. Their look in X3 and their look in DOFP wouldn't just flow very nicely if suddenly the X-Men are wearing colorful costumes in DoFp.
Fair enough you want to see something in keeping with the previous movies, but First Class established a different look was possible and this film still stars them as well as Hugh, Patrick, Ian and co. It potentially sets a precedent for a more clearly comic inspired costume. Plus Bryan already said that the original trilogy look was out (I know, I know. I've repeated that last part quite a bit. lol).

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