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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by tdeverea View Post
I wonder how you (or comic book fans in general) felt about Chris Evans prior to seeing him actually play Steve Rogers/Captain America...

You thought he could act based on his more popular works at the time in:

Not Another Teen Movie
Fantastic Four 1 and 2


Let's be really honest. Because I didn't think Evans would work. I didn't think Ledger would work. And then, they both nailed the roles.

I also don't think Chestnut would work but I've been very wrong twice before.
I doubt if my posts from that time can be found, but I was on board with Evans when he was announced as a candidate for the role. The man can act. He stood out in all those movies you named and I noticed his performances in movies like London and Sunshine as well.

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