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Default Re: The Next Batman Director

Originally Posted by Anjow1060 View Post
After all of the intellectual plotting and grounded action from Nolan, I'd kind of like a reversal with the next set of films.

I'd still like to see them grounded in some respects - but a little bit crazier. I'd like for them to be a bit more action heavy and maybe a little bit more emotionally driven.

For that, I'm going to left field thinking and going out there with James Wan as director. He recently saved the Fast and the Furious franchise and can really make some special character moments and movements through character arcs - all with some really epic action scenes that get as rediculously awesome as it gets without treading into Michael Bay territory.

If Aronofsky gets it... I may just shoot myself. I hate everything that man has done and I've seen them all (sans "The Wrestler"). His boring, cliche and wannabe artsy style drives me nuts.

Miller - would also be absolutely terrible. As someone else said - he just became a caricature of himself. It'd be like Tim Burton all over again. It'd be Batman set in Sin City. A guy dressed like Batman in another artists world who really doesn't care about Batman mythology to begin with. (Yes, I'm one of the few haters of TDKR -- Although I do give the man credit for Y1)

Fincher - I could live with. It's very similar to Nolan's style with dramatic plot and intellectual focus - and we know it works and he's a capable film maker. I could deal with this.

Brad Bird - Honestly, outside of James Wan, he'd be my 2nd pick. I really wanted him for Star Wars VII but we all know how that ended up. He's a good character director who pays attention to the details and doesn't seem to shy away from crazy action.

- Jow
You mean Justin Lin? James Wan hasn't directed a Fast and the Furious movie. He's slated to direct the next one though.

And who the hell suggested Frank Miller?

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