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Originally Posted by JJJ's Ulcer View Post
What in tarnation?! Gay sex is still a criminal act in Montana? Depressing, but not surprising unfortunately.
I thought Montana repelled it's sodomy laws, Virginia though seems to have kept the laws(I guess they lie to us when they claim it's a place for lovers)

On Monday, the Montana House of Representatives salvaged a bill that will repeal the state's anti-gay sodomy law, even though it had been tabled by the House Judiciary Committee. Rep. Bryce Bennett (D), the state's first openly gay male lawmaker, made an impassioned plea for making sure the bill to repeal the unconstitutional law received a full floor vote... the motion passed 60-38, so the Montana House will now give full consideration to the repeal bill. Still, that's 38 votes already willing to maintain an unconstitutional law that criminalizes homosexuality.
It should be pointed out the Montana House of Representative is majority Republican(61-39), so many Republicans sided with sanity.

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