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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - - Part 11

Funny, but when I look at these pictures, I don't see Superman. I don't see Lois. I don't see the superhero I've loved since I was a little girl.

I see a 75-year-old pop culture icon being updated for the sake of 'relevancy' - and not in a good way. DC and WB are attempting to turn him into a hip, edgy, brooding character. Those characteristics describe Batman, but they should never describe Superman.

Superman is supposed to be a shining beacon of hope. Incidentally, the last guy to play Superman summed it up nicely:

(On making Superman darker) You make the stakes higher, you make the villain darker, I think that's a way to do it. But I don't think Superman himself needs to be darker. He definitely has to struggle, but I don't think Superman should ever be dark and brooding, that's not his nature. And that's not what people want to see.

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